Auto Sherpa provides Home Window Tinting and Window Film Solutions for customers. We are a professional provider and window tinting installation expert of security window films in the region. We help you protect your place of stay of work, control the temperature in your premises, control the glare from the sun, improve the safety and security of your premises and protect your furnishings and interiors in your home.

Our focus is to provide following window film benefits:

Provide security and protection against break-ins, vandalism and theft.
Combat solar heat gain to keep your home or office space comfortable and decrease glare.
Keep your interiors and furnishings from fading from harmful UV Rays.
Help the environment, increase your energy efficiency and reduce your cooling cost.

Residential based home window tinting services ensure protection of home, provide privacy and energy savings in addition to reducing operating costs, increase energy efficiency and anti-graffiti. Window tinting includes multiple decorative design options, solar control and preventing sun damage from excessive solar heat and glare. Well chosen window tinting ensures cutting down glare and protection from harmful UV rays. Anti-glare films help reject excessive solar sunshine, providing enhanced temperature stability and comfort and also helping reduce air conditioning usage, which subsequently results in less energy consumption, reduction of carbon footprint thereby helping maintain good environment and help save money on utilities.

Service Price
Home Window Tinting $20 per square foot including labour
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