As part of the services offered by Sherpa Auto, ceramic coating is another important offering related to vehicles and automotive that is provided to our customers. The ceramic coating done on the car forms a permanent bond with the surface and will not wash off or break down easily. This results in durable and long-lasting coating on the surface. A high-quality liquid polymer is applied on the vehicle so as to create a durable layer of protection. The only way to get rid of ceramic coatings is by means of abrasion that is time consuming and is undertaken in case of compelling requirements only. It is a highly durable coating that protects the paintwork of your vehicle and any other surface from damaging contaminants or particles. This coating is the last step applied during the car detailing process and ensures a long-lasting finish. Result of this coating is protection against oxidation, chemical stains or etching, and results in ease of cleaning and enhanced gloss. Customer can feel relaxed post availing this service from us as the expert service offered is of utmost quality and meets customer expectations based on highest industry standards.


Service Price
Cremic Coating Starts @ $200
Polish Starts @ $200
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