Our experts specialize in application of film to the inside of the vehicle’s windows. Protection from solar heat, privacy, and glare reduction are just some of the benefits of having windows tinted. Expertise is available to apply window tint to the side and back windows, sunroof and to the top of the windshield. Only high-performance material is used for instance XPEL Prime window tint film. XPEL has long been an industry leader in automotive protective film and we use it for the benefit of our customers. We have been installing protection films for years and ensure customers are satisfied with quality and craftmanship. Premium XPEL window tint is chosen as it has fantastic heat rejection properties and also comes with a long-lasting warranty, and protection against any bubbling, peeling, or discolouration.

Advantages of going in for window tinting include:

Heat Reduction– Window tinting of the vehicle ensures interior heat reduction and blocking of harmful UV rays.
Long Lasting Protection– The high-performance window tinting also comes with a long-lasting protection against any bubbling, peeling or discolouration.
Colour Stability– XPEL premier high-performance window films offer 100 percent colour stability and will never fade, maintaining the freshly tinted look of the vehicle.
Shade Options– Window tinting is available in multiple shades that varies by film line and availability.

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Window Tinting Price Start from $199
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