3M Paint Protection Film

Sherpa Auto provides 3M Paint Protection Film as a key differentiated service. There is availability of 3M paint protection film of Suntek, XPEL series that is durable and protects vehicle from rock chips, bug acids, and other damaging material. A flexible and clear layer of Urethane film is applied to the vehicle to act as a protective agent for paint from rocks, stones, bugs and more. We provide 10 years of warranty on the film coating and 1 year of warranty on the installation. Our experts use the best quality of film available for coating.

To ensure good condition of the film it is advisable to wash car often and follow other guidelines:

  • Wait for 48 hours after installation for washing the car, thereafter wash the car on regular basis.
  • Remove insect or other stains from the vehicle with XPEL paint protection film cleaner.
  • Apply XPEL flawless finish paint protection film sealant every 3 or 4 months. The purpose made sealant attaches itself at a molecular level, forming a hardened barrier, adding protection and gloss finish to the film coating.
  • It is also advisable to protect vehicle from pressure washing near exposed film edges.

Head Lamp,  Fog Lamp
Price Starts from $60

Sherpa Auto provides protection to Head Lamps and Fog Lamps at affordable rates. Reach us to avail these professional services and make these parts of the vehicle safe from scratch, damage or any other potential harm. Your Head Lamp and Fog Lamp will have a long-life post undergoing this service. The Lamps are sure to bring enhanced visibility for you in no time at all.

Partial Hood, Fender, Mirror
Price Starts from $250

Share your requirements with Sherpa Auto and we are there to provide immediate services to ensure protection from stains or etching of Partial Hood, Fender or Mirror of the vehicle. The protection so provided is durable enough to make the part withstand any potential tampering or damage. The shining parts are sure to retain its natural gloss and finish.

Rocker Panel
Price Starts from $300

Are you interested in getting a coating on Rocker Panel to enhance its strength and durability? Sherpa Auto will provide the coating and the service just as desired by you and for vehicles of all makes and models. The Rocker Panel so prepared by Sherpa Auto will be robust enough to withstand vagaries of nature or any weather – including strong rainfall, heavy snow or other rough conditions.

Price Starts from $250

Approach Sherpa Auto for preparing a robust Bumper that has the potential to withstand any damage, scratches or dents. Whether it is a heavy traffic or parking in a crowded place the Bumper prepared by Sherpa Auto will withstand any damage and will retain its original finish. The coating and protection of the Bumper is sure to enhance the life of this critical part of the vehicle.

A-Pillar and Roof
Price Starts from $100

There is a prospect that Roof may age and wear out due to natural vagaries including snowfall, rainfall or even dust and pollution gathered in the heavy traffic. With the protection of A-Pillar and Roof provided by Sherpa Auto it will be easy to enhance the life of these parts and ensure protection against potential damage that may be caused by aforementioned circumstances.

Luggage Area
Price Starts from $50

Your requirement of onloading and offloading the vehicle with ample luggage is made damage free by Sherpa Auto with a simple solution ensuring protection from scratches. The area is made durable and ideal for any type of roads and for any pressing requirement of transportation of luggage.

Full Hood, Full Fender Mirror, Full Bumper
Price Starts from $899

Sometimes the bumper or hood may undergo a dent due to some mis happening, or have splits and tears in the metallic panel as well. Sandblasting, dust, particles or even birds can take a toll on the Mirror of the car. All can be protected by damage protection service provided by Sherpa Auto as part of its service and effort to make your car damage proof. The service provided is sure to change the look for your car and make the vehicle look new in only a short timeframe.

Full Car Cover
Price Starts from $2999

Paint protection used by Sherpa Auto for customers is of high quality and offers a revolutionary self-healing technology with an ability to remove any potential scratch or minor damage. The film coating is thin and virtually invisible that provides protection and help retain the new look of the vehicle. Sherpa Auto is there at your beck and call to offer Full Colour service at affordable rates and at time of your convenience.

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